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Building Experiences That Transform Destinies

Founded in 2013 after a serendipitous meeting with a celebrity stylist, Mastermind MGMT has evolved into a Chicago-based team of dynamic hustlers and strategic problem-solvers that help its artists navigate high-stress opportunities with ease. The Mastermind MGMT team advocates fearlessly for its highly sought-after roster of creative talent, whose work has been seen on exclusive red carpets, in national advertisements, on A-list celebrities, and in award-winning films. With a unique focus on fashion and beauty, Mastermind MGMT is one of the few talent management companies to represent celebrity hairstylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, tailors, and barbers. Moreover, they are setting a new standard for how talent management should be executed by prioritizing transparency and advocacy in their business practices.

The Mastermind MGMT team prides itself on maintaining a high level of professionalism while championing new-age and innovative talent management practices that are in favor of deserving but often marginalized groups of creative talent. The team specifically values its transparent and efficient operational systems as one of its core business tenants to ensure that both its clients and partners receive quality services and high-impact outcomes. Because the Mastermind MGMT team understands that their clients are creatives first, they shoulder the heavy and often complex load of bookings management and logistics so that their talents can focus on doing what they do best: showing up fearlessly and executing flawlessly for each career-changing opportunity the Mastermind MGMT team brokers.

Mastermind MGMT is on track to become one of the most innovative and transparent talent management companies for creative entrepreneurs globally due to their passion and commitment to elite artists of color. As they continue to drive forward and expand their scope of services to better serve their partners, the Mastermind MGMT team is setting a new standard of how a top-tier talent management team can deliver innovative experiences for the best of the best.

We navigate bold and limitless opportunities for culture-shakers and fearless creatives.